Marquise Earrings - longer but still minimal and elegant by Sundrop Jewelry

Marquise Earrings - longer, but still minimal and elegant

by Tawny Reynolds on Mar 07, 2024

I've been told that if you have short-ish hair that just covers your ears, sometimes your earrings can hide even more effectively than with longer hairstyles.  (I admit, I don't have personal experience here.  The last time my hair was short I was in 2nd grade!)

But on behalf of those of you with shorter hair, I love that these Marquise Earrings provide a bit of extra length to help them peek out, while still keeping to the aesthetic of minimalist elegance.

Water Marquise Earrings add a little length while remaining minimalist and elegant
And as you can see, they show up beautifully with longer hair too!

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