Earrings inspired by vine tendrils with a dainty drop of dew blog post by Sundrop Jewelry

Earrings inspired by tendrils with a dainty drop of dew

by Tawny Reynolds on Mar 07, 2024

I was inspired to make these earrings by a gorgeous close-up photo of a dainty dew drop dangling from the coiling tendril of a vine.  My tiny Water drops were just the right color and shape, and I invented a new wire wrapping that could evoke the tightly curled tendrils. 

Short Tendrils Earrings, inspired by a dainty drop of dew dangling from a curling vine tendril

Since the first inspired pair, I have (of course!) expanded these Short Tendrils Earrings to offer them in the whole rainbow of colors, but I can't keep myself from returning to the original pale blue.

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