Whimsical Illusion Earrings appear to criss-cross as three-dimensional sculpture

Whimsical Illusion Earrings

by Tawny Reynolds on Mar 07, 2024

I first came up with the inspiration for these Illusion Earrings when I was sketching ideas for fun, whimsical ear hooks.  I wanted to try making some earrings that featured my trademark Sundrops, but for which much of the form and interest came from the silver that formed the hook itself.  These were one of my favorite ideas, but definitely the most difficult to bring out of my sketch book into real life!

Water Illusion Earrings by Sundrop Jewelry

The hook for the Illusion Earrings, like the rest of the Doodles Collection, is made from a thicker wire than my standard earring hooks.  If you have tiny piercings,  you may want to ease into wearing them - when I first designed this collection I had never worn any larger earwires, and I was ready to take them off after a few hours.  But by a day or two later I was comfortable wearing them all day long.  So if your new earrings feel a bit tight when they first arrive, don't push it, just give them a little time.  They'll soon be your favorite earrings in your jewelry box!

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