Turquoise blue glass jewelry fit for a mermaid at the beach

Turquoise blue glass jewelry fit for a mermaid

by Tawny Reynolds on May 22, 2017

Turquoise blue glass jewelry for your day at the beach

These gorgeous turquoise blue sun-melted* glass earrings (made from this stained glass from Bullseye Glass) are just the thing for a day at the beach - or to remind you of your favorite beach when it's far away! 

Turquoise blue glass earrings to match your favorite beach getaway!

Pair with a floaty turquoise colored cover-up if you're beach bound for the weekend, or add a pop of turquoise blue to your favorite date night outfit!  

Wherever you go, I've been reliably informed that they are exactly what a mermaid would wear!


* Wondering about the "sun-melted" part of Sundrop Jewelry?  I have a giant magnifying glass (technically a fresnel lens) that focuses sunshine to a tiny point.  On a clear sunny day, that 1 cm spot can reach 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit!  Watch the video below to see the giant magnifying glass in action...

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