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Featured Shop: Talisman Collection

by Tawny Reynolds on May 08, 2017

This week's featured shop is Talisman Collection in El Dorado Hills, California - a full-service fine jewelry store, including custom jewelry, repairs and appraising.  They carry over 65 couture designer jewelry brands, and I'm super excited to have Sundrop Jewelry join them!  

Best of all, I will be doing a trunk show at Talisman Collection this weekend in conjunction with the El Dorado Hills Art, Wine and Beer Festival!  Take a trip out West of Sacramento this weekend to sample some wonderful wines and craft beers, enjoy the amazing art - and, of course - stop into the shop and get a glimpse at some new colors and designs I've been working on!

On to the featured shop - 

Talisman Collection jewelry store, featured shop on the Sundrop Jewelry blog

Why did you start your shop?

Jewelry has been my passion ever since I could walk and talk.  I reached for jewelry, grabbed for jewelry, and if anyone was wearing it, I would ask to try it on.  For as long as I can remember, I was obsessed with jewelry, gems and stones.

I started working for a jewelry store in high school, which was a very long time ago, in a different century, actually!  In my twenties and then again in my forties, I went to the Gemological Institute of America and got certifications in diamons, colored stones and jewelry, as a gemologist.  This way, I could use big world principles and adapt them to a small, locally owned, independent jewelry company.  Part of my reason for doing this was so I could offer diamonds at close to wholesale.  Part of my business model is to have a really approachable, non-snooty jewelry store - to break the mold of the traditional upscale & aloof, or the commission based, ‘car salesman-sy’ businesses.

In 2012 I opened Talisman Collection here in Town Center.  During grad school, I also took some marketing/branding courses, so I had already spent time on the Talisman brand. I never even dreamed I could take my business to the next level, to include other designers, appraisals and sales.  I knew I didn’t have enough capital to do it on my own.  But, low and behold, I got a business loan and opened the store.  Now I have the store, a lot of debt! Haha!


Talisman Collection shop interior


What types of products do you carry?

Talisman Collection is a full service jewelry store, with a gemologist/jeweler on site, and an enormous selection of fine jewelry from local and world renowned designers. When I would visit other jewelry businesses, those were the kind I always loved the most. So I knew I wanted my store to be fashioned that way. I know my business has the edge when compared to other jewelry stores. We do a lot of custom work, where we can either design and make the piece here or request whatever the client wants from any of the jewelry designers we represent.

Andrea Riso, owner of Talisman Collection

What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

Making people happy, of course!  I mean, generally speaking jewelry is priceless, because it is usually a memento of some kind.  A lot of people come in and want to use a stone, create a piece or have a piece restored or repaired.  I like seeing the happy face when a client comes back to pick up their treasure, because it usually commemorates something much more valuable than a monetary gift.  It has meaning because it is tied to someone in their life that means the world to them.


Why did you pick Sundrop Jewelry for your store?

We chose Sundrop Jewelry because it's beautiful, handmade, locally-made, recycled, creative, well-made and because it is evocative of the sunshine we love so much.  We carry a lot of art glass in our fine jewelry retail store.  Sundrop Jewelry is the first glass jewelry we've ever featured.

Where can people learn more about your store?

We're a full-service fine jeweler, custom jeweler, repair center and appraiser.  We also sell Swiss timepieces and we carry over 65 couture designer jewelry brands.  More info about our store is at www.talismancollection.com 

Talisman Collection jewelry store interior


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