Tiny, swirling one-of-a-kind pendants!

Tiny, swirling one-of-a-kind pendants!

by Tawny Reynolds on Aug 24, 2023

Swirls, streaks, and stripes!  If you're looking to add a petite pop of color to your wardrobe, you're in luck!  I just added a baker's dozen of one-of-a-kind teensy tiny pendants to my shop!

Baby blue swirling Demi Pendant Necklace - one of a kind

With colors ranging from cloudy baby blue to striking zebra stripes, come take a peek in my online shop now to see all the variety!

Best of all, I just added a feature that lets you select different pendant chain lengths!  For annoying under-the-hood software reasons, until now each listing's chain lengths were technically different products, each with it's own inventory. That meant I couldn't offer multiple chain lengths for one-of-a-kind items because it might sell twice, once as an 18" pendant and once as a choker length necklace - that wouldn't work!

But now I'm finally able to offer multiple chain lengths on each of these pendants!  (I'll be rolling out the chain lengths to the rest of my store soon).  So, hop over to my online shop now to pick your favorite one-of-a-kind pendant and your best fitting chain length! 

This new release is all pendants, but I do have a few pairs of stripey earrings waiting in the wings for their turn to be photographed, so keep a look out in the next week or two...


Update: The earrings have arrived - with matching pendants!

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