Log House Craft Gallery at Berea College in Kentucky, featured shop carrying Sundrop Jewelry

Featured Shop: Log House Craft Gallery

by Tawny Reynolds on Aug 16, 2023

This week's featured shop is The Log House Craft Gallery, the oldest and largest continually run craft gallery in the state of Kentucky.  The Log House opened in 1917 and is owned and operated by Berea College. 

Log House Craft Gallery at Berea College, carrying Sundrop Jewelry and handmade arts and crafts from Appalachia and around the globe


How did The Log House Craft Gallery come to be?

In the early 1900’s the president of the college and his wife took a trip by horseback into the Appalachian mountains.  It was there that they found people making their own wares – everything from table linens to brooms.  In an effort to help the rural people he met, he bought their goods and resold them through the college.  This infused money back into the communities and it also raised money for the college.  

Soon after this trip, President Frost decided to start a weaving program here at the college.  He hired a well-known weaver who was originally from Sweden and was living in New York at the time to come to Berea, raise money to build a building and set up a weaving studio.  And that’s how the Log House was born.  Originally a weaving studio, retail store, and the living quarters for Anna Ernberg and her sons, today, the Log House is a three-story retail outlet for some of the best hand-crafted products in the nation. 


Inside The Log Cabin Craft Gallery at Berea College

What types of products do you carry?

About 70% of the merchandise found in the Log House is from the Appalachian region, with the remaining 30% from around the U.S. and the globe as well. 

The Log House carries the works of more than 400 artisans, and products range from jewelry to furniture, with specialized rooms for outdoors, childrens, Christmas, Kitchenwares, fiber art, and so much more. 


What do your customers love?

Customers love that our store is mostly run by students.  It is here that they gain a solid work ethic and foundation for the rest of their career.  


The Log Cabin Craft Gallery carries such colorful products!

Why did you pick Sundrop Jewelry for your store?

The buyer at the Log House is very selective about the products brought in.  For over 100 years, people have come to expect quality from the products at the Log House.  They look for incredible craftsmanship but also unique items that people won’t find anywhere else around.  The Log House Craft Gallery is a destination for many snowbirds as they travel North to South and back again, and the staff wants to give them a special and unique shopping experience. 

“That’s why we decided to bring in Sundrop Jewelry. It is unique, and people love the soft contours of the glass, the lovely colors, not to mention it is made from recycled materials.  It is definitely a customer favorite, with people coming back to add colors to their collection.”  

Sundrop Jewelry in The Log House Craft Gallery at Berea College

Where can people learn more about your store?

Find us on our website at https://www.bcloghousecrafts.com/ or follow us on Facebook to see all the new and unique items that come into our shop!  

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