New Spring green colors of eco-friendly glass jewelry coming soon

Spring Greens (and April Showers) are on the way...

by Tawny Reynolds on Mar 25, 2019

New colors of eco-friendly glass jewelry

I had a glimpse of Spring and sunny days recently - and took advantage of it!  I pulled my giant magnifying glass out in the sunshine and tried out some more new colors!  And I managed to make just enough of my three favorites before the rains returned to share them with you...


Spring Greens and April Showers - new limited edition colored jewelry coming soon


There are three brand new colors in this limited edition collection:

  • A pale, milky mint green made from a broken antique jadeite plate
  • Swirling opaque greens made from stained glass scraps
  • And a pale transparent blue (also from stained glass scraps), similar to Water but more true-blue than aqua toned.

Unlike last time, I do have more of this glass - but the weather cut me off so what I have made is all there will be for a while! 

As always, mailing list members get to shop first - so join the wait list if you want a chance to grab the best of the new colors!

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