Featured Shop: Elle's Niche

Featured Shop: Elle's Niche

by Tawny Reynolds on Mar 05, 2019

Our newest featured shop is Elle's Niche in Charles Town, West Virginia - a darling boutique that just picked up Sundrop Jewelry this year.  I'm super excited to have Sundrop Jewelry join them!  

Elle's Niche, new Sundrop Jewelry retailer in West VirginiaWhy did you start your shop?

I started my shop out of a love of creating and wanting to be able to showcase others like me. It has always been a dream of mine and currently we have over 20 artisans in the store. There are some that believe that art is something that you hang on a wall or place on a pedestal or show in a gallery. While that is all true, I believe art is also act of ‘handing down’ to future generations. The art of teaching someone to paint. The art of teaching someone to sew or embroider.

What types of products do you carry?

We carry gifts and items for everyday use that are handmade. The idea is to make every day EXTRAordinary. Soaps, jewelry, pillows, aprons, home décor, self-care products. Candles… the list goes on. Some of the items are practical, but it is that they are handmade with someone in mind that makes them special.

What do your customers love?

They love that the store is ever changing and can usually find that ‘thing’ they are looking for. We offer shopping services for the really busy and custom work as well. We have regular workshops. In the workshops the artisan will teach what they do, and participants will be able to learn and take home their very own creation. Sometimes it is like an old-fashioned quilter’s circle without the quilt. It is a time for bonding and encouragement.

Elle's Niche in West Virginia now carries Sundrop Jewelry

Why did you pick Sundrop Jewelry for your store?

Because I love it!  😊 It first caught my eye because it is beautiful and handmade. Simple yet bold. Then I read about how it is made. The dedication to a craft will take a lifetime to perfect and I can appreciate how each individual drop of glass is made and then made into a piece of beautiful jewelry!

Where can people learn more about your store?

We are currently under the huge task of renovating our online presence, but information can be found on out website at www.ellesniche.com or on our other social media pages that are linked from our website.

Elle's Niche in Charles Town West Virginia

Not in West Virginia?  Find a Sundrop Jewelry retailer near you!


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