New Ultraviolet jewelry - featuring blue and purple glass

New Ultraviolet glass jewelry: blue or purple?

by Tawny Reynolds on Mar 06, 2018

Is it blue, or is it purple?

New ultraviolet glass jewelry featuring blue and purple glass melted with sunlight

Well, sometimes one, sometimes the other, and sometimes both!  I've spent a lot of the last couple weeks out in the sunshine melting more of this gorgeous Ultraviolet glass, stocking up on everything from tiny teardrops to earrings (and pendants) elegantly spiraled with silver.


I love how the glass starts out pure blue, but transforms under the heat of focused sunlight... Some teardrops turn a little more purple, some less, but they all have that eye-catching two tone color scheme going on, adding an extra bit of interest to their elegant simplicity.


In case you can't tell, I'm a bit obsessed with all the new gorgeous Ultraviolet colored jewelry I've added to my shop!

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