Mixing and matching jewelry styles - theme and variations

Mixing and matching jewelry styles: theme and variations

by Tawny Reynolds on Feb 21, 2018

Using a theme and variations to mix and match jewelry styles

Do you just wear earrings and eschew necklaces (or vice versa) because you're not sure what goes together?  Or tend to only wear perfectly matching sets of jewelry because you're not sure how to mix things up?  Here are a few examples of mixing and matching jewelry styles running the gamut from a basic matching set to eclectic style, while still keeping a cohesive look.  The secret: sticking with a color palette as a theme and adding variations.



Let's start with a basic matching set.  If you're not confident mixing designs and aesthetics, this is the place for you to start.  

The design of these Meteorite Earrings and Orion Necklace are a natural fit, combining the same circular and teardrop forms.  The set is kept from feeling too matchy-matchy by the the cobalt and clear swirls of the earrings' teardrops compared to the necklace's pure vibrant cobalt (you may have to look really closely at the earrings to see the difference, but it's there).

Matching jewelry set of circle drop earrings and a small necklace


Expanding on the theme

Swapping out the original necklace for this Cassiopeia Necklace adds a little more variation, while still staying very close to the original theme.  The larger necklace's graduated circles add interest and modulate the effect - the earrings and necklace are coordinating, not identical.

Matching: circle drop earrings paired with a matching necklace with graduated circles


Mixing styles and matching colors

Now, trade the necklace for a more distinctly different style, as in this Concerto Necklace.  The cobalt blues remain, now enlivened with a variety of swirling and solid colors, as does the basic teardrop form.  But now the style appears a bit more eclectic.

Mixing styles and matching colors - with variations


What is your go-to style - matching, eclectic, or somewhere in between?

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