Make a statement with this best-selling statement necklace by Sundrop Jewelry

Make a statement this Christmas!

by Tawny Reynolds on Dec 04, 2017

Best selling statement necklace will help you make a statement this Christmas

Whether you're looking to make a statement at all those holiday parties you'll be attending, or to make a statement with your gift-giving, this blue-green ombre statement necklace is the answer! 


Best-selling ombre blue-green statement necklace for Christmas 

Blending from a brilliant turquoise blue, through a lovely two-tone to spring green, three exquisite handmade glass droplets entwined in silver trail down one side in this asymmetrical design, while three dainty silver chains gather together in a side toggle clasp.

The Rainforest color pictured has been the most popular this year, but check out the other color schemes available - or request a custom piece!  Just tell me her favorite colors (or your own), and we'll create a one-of-a-kind necklace never seen before.  Now that's making a statement!

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