Cobalt blue recycled glass earrings - best sellers make the best gifts!

These best-selling blue recycled glass earrings are a happy medium

by Tawny Reynolds on Dec 04, 2017

Best-selling blue recycled glass earrings - best sellers make the best gifts

Choosing gifts is hard sometimes.  You might not know exactly what she would like - "Is this her style?  Or this?  Her color?  I don't know!!" 

If you're agonizing and unsure, I'll tell you one thing - these cobalt blue Cameo Earrings are a pretty safe bet.  Blues are by far and away the most popular color, with the ability to dress up your everyday jeans, add a little personality to your work wardrobe, and add the final touch of elegance to your date-night dress!  I find these Cameo Earrings to be the perfect happy medium in terms of size - not too big for those who like them small, but with enough sparkling colorful presence that even lovers of larger earrings will be happy to wear them any time!

Best-selling blue earrings are a great gift - a happy medium everyone loves!

Cobalt blue Cameo Earrings, made from sun-melted Skyy Vodka bottles and recycled sterling silver - 100% recycled!

This vibrant cobalt blue is always one of the most popular colors - and it doesn't hurt that it's made from recycled Skyy Vodka bottles!  Framed in an oval of sparkling silver, this modern take on the traditional cameo will make a gently teasing gift for the mixed-drink lover in your life.  They'd also be perfect for your eco-fashionista friend, being 100% recycled and melted with sunshine!


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