Newest collection inspired by custom designs

Newest collection inspired by custom designs

by Tawny Reynolds on Jul 14, 2016

Custom jewelry designs expanded the silver spiral theme, leading to a whole new collection

The Bohemian Collection by Sundrop Jewelry - silver spiral earrings, necklaces, bracelets and hair sticks
While the original bohemian earrings have been part of my line for ages, it has really been the custom requests that encouraged me to finally expand on the theme, leading to the new Bohemian Collection.


Lyra silver spiral earrings in kelly green, 100% recycled!  Made with sun-melted glass bottles and recycled silver. Upcycled Calypso Earrings, made with sun-melted glass bottles and recycled silver.  By Sundrop Jewelry


Over the years, I have had so many people ask for custom earrings or a pendant necklace with “just the top” of my original bohemian earrings.  And, like the Demi Drop Earrings and Choker Necklaces I added to the shop last month, I have been meaning to add this new single drop, spiral-wrapped design for ages!   (You know how something can be on your to-do list and just keep getting skipped over or pushed down to the bottom of the heap?  Yeah, that.)


This year is rapidly becoming the Big Bang year for Sundrop Jewelry designs, and I’m really excited to have finally added them, along with a whole new expanded collection along the original “bohemian” theme!


So many other designs in this collection were also inspired by you...
  • The new three-drop Calypso Earrings were a one-off design I whipped up for my sample sale last November - and then I had custom jewelry design requests for the design in other colors, as well. 
  • I’ve had requests for bracelets in the past, but was always concerned that drops hanging “charm bracelet” style would be too likely to get broken.  Now I have two bracelet designs - the Celia and Libra bracelets.  The silver spiral adds a bit of strength and support to the glass drop, and the drops get a bit less abuse laying along your hand or wrist, rather than dangling.
  • The first hair sticks were introduced last year at a couple fairs, where I whipped up a custom design in three colors for someone (hi Christina!) who then came back to my online shop wanting another.  


So, I’d like to say “thank you.”  Thank you for your requests, thank you for your ideas, thank you for your inspiration.  Most of all, thank you for supporting me as Sundrop Jewelry grows and changes, and for helping make that inspiration become reality.


P.S. I couldn’t do this without you!  Keep sharing what you want to see - just comment below.  I read and love every message!
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