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Get Green Be Well

by Tawny Reynolds on Nov 20, 2017

Recycled Glass Jewelry Made with Solar Power

I’m a sucker for beautiful jewelry. Especially when it is made with unique and recycled materials. When I found Sundrop Jewelry, I have to say I did a happy dance. Especially when I started browsing the gorgeous shop of recycled glass jewelry.

What really sold me on the uniqueness of this sustainable fashion jewelry line, though, was how it is made.

You’ll never believe this.

Sundrop Jewelry is made with the power of the sun. Not solar powered tools. But really, the actual power of the sun!

I chose a pair of earrings made from Bombay Sapphire Gin bottles, one of my husband’s favorite brands. It seemed kind of cool to choose that way – and I think it would be a great idea for gift giving, too! (Partner it with a bottle of the drink and it’s a super unique gift idea!)

Featured item: Water Demi Drop Earrings

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