Sunlight and Moonlight Duet Earrings from the new "You Are My Sunshine" collection of sun-melted glass jewelry from Sundrop Jewelry

Wear some Sunshine!

by Tawny Reynolds on Aug 03, 2023

Happy August!

I'm now back in my studio and ready to spread sunshine all over the place, with a collection I've appropriately titled, "You Are My Sunshine!"

Sunlight and Moonlight Duet Earrings

These "Sunlight and Moonlight" earrings are so on-brand for Sundrop Jewelry, but sadly they are destined to be one-of-a-kind. You see, I did a little experiment to test out this nearly-white glass but, because the white color reflects nearly all of the sunlight instead of absorbing the light and turning into heat, it was incredibly slow and difficult to melt. I am not planning to make any more, so one-of-a-kind they shall remain!

This small collection contains a number of other sunshine-colored earrings and necklaces (many of which are also one-of-a-kind and limited editions), so take a peek in my online shop now to find your favorite drops of sunshine!

Want to bring some sunshine into your day, any day of the year?  Check out all the warm, sunshine-y colors of sun-melted glass jewelry in my shop now!


Update: I just added some more pieces to the collection!

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