From empty bottles to elegant earrings, these new sun-melted glass earrings are eco-friendly and irresistible!

Three empty bottles, transformed into elegant ombre earrings

by Tawny Reynolds on Feb 07, 2024

I was inspired to make these earrings by the varying greens of three empty glass bottles, transforming trash into elegant ombre earrings with just sunlight and gravity (and the help of a giant magnifying glass)! Every time you move your head and feel these earrings dance, you'll be reminded of the sunshine you're carrying with you - even indoors or on the stormiest day.

green glass earrings made from recycled bottles melted with sunshine and a giant magnifying glass

Which bottles, you wonder?  I'm so glad you asked! 

Since we've just recently celebrated the New Year, I had no trouble finding Martinellis bottles for the darkest green - my daughter stayed up til midnight for the first time this year, and was so excited to toast to the New Year!

I love ginger ale, so the middle green is made from bottles of Reed's Ginger Brew, my favorite.  And you'll never guess what the top teardrop is made from, so pale that it's nearly clear... Coca-Cola bottles!

Finished with recycled sterling silver, these new Sauvignon Blanc Amador Earrings are 100% recycled and green in every way.  But they're not the only new pieces in my shop - the dainty Amador Earrings are available in four ombre colorways!  I've only made one of each, so come take a peek at them all in my online shop now, before someone else snaps them up!

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