Sundrop Jewelry: Winter Lookbook

Sundrop Jewelry: Winter Lookbook

by Tawny Reynolds on Oct 19, 2016

Winter Lookbook 2016 - Sundrop Jewelry

Do you love flipping through glossy magazines?  Seeing what's new.  Goggling at the extravagantly large pieces in style these days.  Secretly thinking, "I wish I could carry that that off."

Let me tell you a secret - you totally could.  I usually hate the "Fake it till you make it" mentality, but in this case it's totally true.  Or maybe it's more a case of "Fake feeling comfortable wearing it until you get used to wearing it all the time."  Almost by definition, being used to it is being comfortable - and with comfort comes confidence.

I never used to wear large earrings.  It felt, I don't know, just a little much for me, for my usual extremely casual style.  But today I confidently wear this pair of long shoulder dusters with a T-shirt and comfortable jeans.  They dress up my day, make me feel a little elegant while I'm running errands around town, playing with my preschooler, or just working from home, even though no one else can see me. (I think every busy mom can use a touch of easy elegance!)

Back to magazines.  While I don't have a glossy magazine to share, I do have the first ever Sundrop Jewelry Lookbook!  I hope you enjoy it.


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