Silver for Summer - double circle Eclipse Pendant Necklace by Sundrop Jewelry

Silver for Summer

by Tawny Reynolds on Jul 11, 2017

I love the simplicity of a circle.  The eye follows it round and round, never ending...

Thin rings of sparkling silver (framing a tiny drop of vibrant glass) all swing freely in this bold pendant necklace.
Find the perfect color of Eclipse Pendant to compliment your summer, whether you're spending your time at the beach or out on the town.  Or a bit of both - this bold yet elegant pendant necklace will transition effortlessly with you from your casual sunny day to your sleek night out!

Add the bold, circular sparkle of these silver and glass pendants to your summer!
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By the way, if your silver is starting to get a bit tarnished, check out my tips to keep your silver sparkling and favorite quick and easy way to clean your silver at home.
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