Get a sneak peek at the new purple colors coming soon to Sundrop Jewelry's online shop - join the wait list to shop ahead of the crowd!

Get a sneak peek at the new purples coming soon...

by Tawny Reynolds on Jul 05, 2023

I've got two new colors in the works - and both are purple! 

One is a super-dark purple that looks nearly black, and the other is a medium translucent purple with a very faint swirl.  In some lights it's visible, in some it isn't.

New purple glass jewelry is arriving soon - join the wait list now!

As is always the case with these limited edition colors, quantities are, naturally, limited.  The dark purple in particular.  But, as is also always the case, mailing list members will get exclusive early access to the new pieces as soon as they land in my shop! 

Join the wait list today, and you'll get an email in your inbox with your invitation to shop the new purples first!


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