New choker and statement necklaces from Sundrop Jewelry

New necklaces...

by Tawny Reynolds on Sep 07, 2018

You know how it goes, right?  You get off to a great start on a project... You get almost to the finish line...  And then something comes up and it stalls out for way too long.  (At least, I hope it's not just me!)

In my newly-discovered free time (a.k.a. my daughter's school day), I've finally had a chance to sit down in my studio and finish a few new pieces that have been on my mind for ages!

From diminutive chokers to stunning statement necklaces (plus a new ombre sapphire piece I've been dreaming of) I love these new necklaces!  Click here to see (and shop) them for yourself!


And if you're more of an earring kinda gal, don't worry!  I have some brand new earring designs coming down the pipeline for you very soon!

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