Do you prefer your cluster earrings shorter or longer?

Shorter or longer?

by Tawny Reynolds on Jan 12, 2024

While the new ombre Sonoma Earrings may look similar to my long-time multi-color favorites, Cascade Earrings, they're a bit different in both size and color scheme.

Sonoma Earrings compared to Cascade Earrings in all shades of green

Though they each contain the same number of glass drops, the new Sonoma Earrings are shorter (because they're made from tiny drops) - which is what makes them look like tiny clusters of grapes!  The Sonoma Earrings also tend to stick to more pure, transluscent colors of glass for their gradient, while the various Cascade Earring colorways with their consecutively longer teardrops incorporate a number of swirling multi-colors.

Check out all the colorways of each in my shop now and let me know - which style do you prefer?  The smoother but daintier gradient of the Sonoma Earrings - or the longer and more eclectic coloration of the Cascade Earrings?  

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