Teal and white glass earrings, part of the new Stormy Weather collection by Sundrop Jewelry

Like whitecaps on the ocean...

by Tawny Reynolds on Apr 06, 2023

Blue-green glass earrings with a streak of white, handmade by Sundrop Jewelry, part of the new Stormy Weather collection

I'm loving this pair of ocean-themed earrings!  The vivid teal with a broad streak of white reminds me of whitecaps on the open sea, while the dark teal below hints at the greater depths.

Ocean Foam Trio Earrings - vibrant transluscent blue-green with white streaks, deepening to a dark teal like the ocean depths.

"Ocean Foam" is the final color in my new Stormy Weather collection.

  • "Raindrop" is a pale baby-blue made from a cast-off scrap of stained glass
  • Aptly named, "Storm" has wild streaks of blue and black swirling around each drop
  • And "Ocean Foam" is the vibrant, transluscent blue-green of stormy seas with a broad streak of white, reminiscent of foaming whitecaps.

Shop all three new, limited edition colors in my online shop now!

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