Treat yourself this Mother's Day - to ecofriendly jewelry instead of noodle art

Expecting to get noodle art for Mother's Day?

by Tawny Reynolds on May 04, 2018

I just love this note that came with an order last year:

These are gorgeous!  Thank you for having a mother's day sale.  I'm buying these for myself because my kids will be giving me noodle art :)

As a mom of a Kindergartener, I can relate.

And while I'm not having a Mother's Day Sale this year, I still have some great news...  If you haven't visited my site recently, you probably haven't noticed that over the past month I have quietly reduced my prices.

Kelly green kite earrings, featuring sun-melted beer bottles and recycled silver.

A lot of factors went into this decision, but the biggest is that I don't want you to feel like you have to wait until I hold a sale to buy the jewelry that you love.

On the other hand, I will be holding a lot fewer sales - and the discounts won't be as steep as they've been in the past.  That's because I really wanted to make my jewelry more affordable for you year round, but now I have less wiggle room to offer discounts.  (In case you're wondering, the next sale won't be until my annual Sample Sale in late October.)

I truly appreciate your support over the years, and hope that the new pricing means even more people get to enjoy Sundrop Jewelry!

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