Review and giveaway from the new jewelry collection!

EmilyReviews Sundrop Jewelry (and a giveaway!)

by Tawny Reynolds on Dec 07, 2018

Giveaway: new ecofriendly jewelry collection of glass and silver earrings

Amber of just wrote the most wonderful review of her new Sundrop Jewelry!

Jewelry giveaway by Emily Reviews and Sundrop Jewelry

"Artist Tawny Reynolds is a true master of her craft. She melts down glass bottles to create the gorgeous pieces offered at Sundrop Jewelry. Using a three foot magnifying glass, she focuses the sunlight on glass bottles to melt into the droplets used in her jewelry and then wraps them in recycled sterling silver wire. No two pieces are exactly the same, though she does a wonderful job matching droplets for earring sets...

While I don’t wear a lot of necklaces (I have an overzealous three year old who loves to pull them too hard!) I do love earrings and couldn’t wait to add some of Tawny’s pieces to my collection. The earrings all came beautifully packaged with a card printed on recycled paper sharing about Sundrop Jewelry. These boxes are perfect for gifts and would make a stunning present or stocking stuffer for the holidays this year."

Read the rest of her review here.

Best of all, we're doing a giveaway together!

Enter the giveaway: join the mailing list, then sign up for the giveaway at  Giveaway closes Dec. 17, 2017, so if you're quick deciding which you want they'll squeak through the mail to you just in time for Christmas.  Good luck!

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