Drops of rain jewelry for a rainy season - Sundrop Jewelry made from recycled bottles

Drops of rain jewelry for a rainy season

by Tawny Reynolds on Mar 03, 2024

Happy March!  Spring is just around the corner (on my birthday, in fact!) and here in the Bay Area, the rainy weather continues.  After years - decades? - of drought, we're getting lots of rain the past couple winters, which means I haven't been getting many opportunities to melt glass with my giant magnifying glass.  But that's ok!  Since my glass-melting process is so weather-dependent, I always try to keep enough stock in reserve to make it through the un-sunny seasons. 

Back when I lived in Colorado and Minnesota, I'd stock up for winter so that I wouldn't need to sit outside and try to melt glass in the snow, wearing snowpants and a down jacket.  (The glass melted just fine - the hot spot is 3,000 degrees Fahreheit, after all - but I could only sit there for so long without freezing my butt off!)  Here in the Bay Area, it's more a question of whether or not the skies are clear enough during the "winter" months.  Mostly not.  😉


Water Cameo Earrings - oval and teardrop earrings made from Bombay Sapphire Gin bottles and recycled silver


But even if I can't make more teardrops at the moment, I have enough stocked up, and this pale blue glass is perfect for this rainy season.  As I wrote last time, I'm still obsessed with these old favorites.  I love the color of these dainty drops made from old Bombay Sapphire Gin bottles - they look just like little raindrops!  Check out all my jewelry made from these pale blue bottles here!

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