Add colorful jewelry to a basic white top and enliven your outfits

Enliven your outfits: dress up a basic white top with colorful jewelry

by Tawny Reynolds on Feb 12, 2018

Enliven your outfits: add colorful jewelry to a basic white top

Sometimes it's good to stick to the basics.  Sometimes, you're required to (I'm remembering the choir and band "uniform" of white top and black pants from high school).  Sometimes it just requires less thinking when you're getting ready for the day while still half asleep.  And sometimes, you want your clothing to serve as a blank canvas, ready for whatever you may care to add!


From minimalist style to statement jewelry, here are three ideas for adding color to dress up a basic white top.


Minimalist Style

Add color to a basic white top - minimalist style

Simple drop earrings and a small pendant in swirling yellows and reds dresses up a basic white top, adding a touch of interest without distracting.


A Classic Look

Dressing up a simple white top with colorful jewelry

For something a bit more formal, try a shape that draws attention to the color you're adding.  Here, the necklace's silver oval frames a drop of vibrant magenta worn over the same basic white top.  This is a great way to add a pop of a color you may love, but don't have any outfits that match (yet).  The classic oval shape of these Cameo Earrings are particularly flattering on oval, square, and narrow faces.


Make a Statement

Add color to a plain white shirt - pink valentines statement jewelry

A basic white top always makes a great blank canvas for a statement necklace - and earrings to match, of course!  These variegated pieces range from the palest pink to deep cranberry, with touches of rosy lavender - just the thing for your Valentine's date!


No matter what your style, colorful accessories will enliven your favorite basic white top, taking your outfit from plain to eye-catching in seconds.  So go start playing and add some more color to your life!

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