Dainty glass drop and circle jewelry coming soon

Coming soon: dainty glass drop and circle earrings and necklaces

by Tawny Reynolds on Nov 15, 2017

Now that you've helped me clear the decks with last week's sample sale, I have room to bring in some new designs I've had waiting in the wings...

New dainty glass drop and circle earrings and necklace in cobalt blue

The new Meteorite Earrings and Cassiopeia Necklace
(plus there's a sweet three-circle version that people are gushing over -
the Orion Necklace!)

Since the release of the Circular Motion Collection, many have requested more size options. So, here they come! You'll find new sizes of the Eclipse and Orbital Motion Earrings, plus a new series reminiscent of my designs made from rings cut from glass bottles, but at a more delicate scale - and price!

Join the wait list and be the first to hear when the new designs are available!


Update: The new designs are here!  Find them in the shop today.


On a separate note...

I'm a little conflicted about joining the Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Small Business Saturday / what-will-they-come-up-with-next?? madness next weekend, but I also know it's when many of you start your serious holiday shopping.  And I want to help you find something special for that special someone on your list - preferably before we really get into the holiday crunch!

So, I'll by holding flash sales of some of my favorites of the new designs, and some of your favorites of the old - exclusively for mailing list members! So be sure to get on the mailing list!

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