Dainty drop earrings and choker necklace

Dainty drop earrings - these won't get lost in your hair!

by Tawny Reynolds on Jun 15, 2016

Dainty Drop Earrings - Long Earrings Get Lost in Your Long Hair by Sundrop Jewelry
Water Demi Drop Earrings and
Choker Necklace

Do longer, dangling earrings tend to get lost (or caught) in your long hair? As requested, Demi Drop Earrings - no more hiding!

Dainty Drop Earrings

Most colors are only available in limited quantities, so you’ll want to jump on these!


My best sellers are the longer Solaris Earrings, so I usually concentrate on making longer drops when I’m working under the magnifying glass.


But sometimes the glass melts faster than I expected - maybe the sky’s haziness changes or the magnifying glass’ focus shifts as the sun moves across the sky. Instead of a slow, controlled stretching of the drip that cools at a few inches long, the molten glass drops suddenly, nearly hitting the ground.


Ironically, these drops are much smaller - a lot of the molten glass gets stretched into the long “tail”, and the “tail” itself is so thin (almost like fiberglass) it has to be broken off and discarded, leaving a short, tiny drop!

Limited edition pink swirl Demi Drop Earrings by Sundrop Jewelry
Pink Swirl Demi Drop Earrings


Some colors of glass are more finicky and this happens more often, while other glass hardly ever drips unexpectedly. Which means that the quantities of each color varies widely - I have quite a supply of these Demi Drop Earrings and Necklaces in Cobalt, Garnet, and Bottle Brown, but other colors are extremely limited...


...particularly the newest addition to the color line-up - Pink Swirl! This limited edition color, made from stained glass, is a swirling mix ranging from palest pink to rosy lavender. Don't miss out, because I only have a few in this color!


If you’re a lover of minimalist jewelry, these dainty drop earrings and matching necklaces (in choker size, 18” or 20”) are sure to become your new favorites!

Necklace Length Chart: necklace chain lengths from 14" choker necklace to 24" pendant necklace

What necklace length are you looking for? From a choker necklace (14" plus 2.5" extender to get your perfect fit), to a pendant necklace in 18" or 20" - find your favorite Demi Drop Necklace in my shop!


As always, let me know what you think! Just post your comment below...

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