New recycled glass jewelry in earth tones for Fall - coming soon...

Coming soon: Earth tones with some sparkle!

by Tawny Reynolds on Oct 03, 2017

It's amazing what gets unearthed when packing begins...

Recycled glass jewelry in earth tones and sparkling recycled silver


I'm going to be moving across town in about a month, and in the midst of all the sorting and packing I discovered even more pieces in these warm, autumnal earth tones!  I made just a few of these as part of the Bohemian Collection, but never photographed them. (oops!)


With that oversight finally rectified, these new fall colors of Lyra Earrings and Pendants will be arriving in my online shop this week.


Mailing list members will get to shop first.  They won't be the last - and I only have a few of these elegant silver spirals available, so join now if you want to be sure to have a chance at your favorites!



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