New geometric jewelry designs from Sundrop Jewelry

Coming soon: geometric bronze statement jewelry

by Tawny Reynolds on Jan 29, 2018

Geometric statement jewelry in bronze by Sundrop Jewelry


I wanted to give you some sneak peeks of the new geometric jewelry I'm working on. I usually work in sterling silver, but for this new project I decided to try something else new - bronze! The warm coppery gold color changes up the whole feel of the pieces.  Here's a peek behind the scenes...


Cutting out geometric shapes from bronze sheet for new jewelry collection   Sawing interior holes in bronze half moon shape
Sawing geometric shapes out of a sheet of bronze.


Designing new bronze heart necklace   Trying another set of colors for the bronze heart necklace
When she saw the shapes I had cut out, my daughter insisted I make a heart too.  Trying a couple different designs with the heart - which do you like better?


Learning to use hole-punching pliers in bronze - first hole was too close to the edge!   Broke my heart - well, my pliers.  Time to get out the drill instead.
Hole troubles...  First I punched a hole too close to the edge, and just a few minutes later the hole-punching pliers broke!  Time to get out the drill, I guess...


Bronze triangle all polished and shiny

One finished bronze triangle, all polished and shiny!  How many more to go?


UPDATE: They're here!  The new collection of geometric jewelry in warm bronze is in the shop now.

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