Sundrop Jewelry Bold as Bronze Collection closes May 31st

Bronze collection closing soon...

by Tawny Reynolds on May 24, 2018

Sundrop Jewelry 'Bold as Bronze' Collection closes May 31st
Back at the start of the year, I decided this was going to be a year of designing and experimenting - trying out new looks and new techniques.  The Bold as Bronze Collection was just the start...


The one of a kind pieces in this collection pair geometric handcrafted bronze with my signature sun-melted glass teardrops for a bold new look.  And while I had a ton of fun making them, I'm ready to move on and try something new...

So, the Bold as Bronze collection will close May 31st.  Ranging from these dainty geometric dangles to layered necklaces and stunning statement pieces, this is your last chance to shop this one of a kind jewelry collection!

I have some new projects on my bench already, and need to clear some space in my shop!  (Keep an eye on my Instagram stories or Facebook pages for some sneak peeks of what's to come - and
join for my mailing list to be the first to hear when they're available! )
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