Birthday sale - today only!

Birthday sale - today only!

by Tawny Reynolds on Mar 21, 2023

Today is my birthday, and I wanted to share the fun!  When I was growing up, my birthday was always the first day of Spring.  (Somehow over the years it's moved and Spring now officially starts March 20th - what's with that?)  To celebrate both my birthday and the start of Spring, I'm giving a little treat to you...


Doodles earrings and pendant


Today only, I'm giving you 21% off some of my favorite pieces, the Doodles Collection This includes some of the new Spring Greens collection!  (It's 21% because I know that Spring really starts today. 😉)  Just use the code SPRING at checkout!

These delightfully whimsical designs range from simple geometric circles to fanciful loops and elegant curves.  The fun ear hook shapes always up my earring game, while still being incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear.  

Just use code SPRING at checkout for 21% off the Doodles Collection Then get ready for some compliments!


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