Best-selling blues for any time of the year

Best-selling blues for any time of the year

by Tawny Reynolds on Jun 12, 2023

I've decided to share my whole rainbow of glass jewelry this month, starting with my best-selling color, Cobalt blue! Why is it my most popular color? Not only is this deep blue transluscent glass a gorgeous color in it's own right, it is actually made from recycled Skyy Vodka bottles!

Cobalt Lyra Earrings - sun-melted glass from Skyy Vodka bottles wrapped in a spiral of recycled sterling silver wire

If you stopped by Stained Glass Garden last month you may have seen the Aurora Necklace below in person, as part of their "Blue Show" - and I don't know who, but a lucky someone snapped it up for their own!  

While the cobalt teardrops are made from Skyy Vodka bottles, the pale blue is made from Bombay Sapphire Gin bottles, finished with recycled silver - meaning every bit of this gorgeous necklace is recycled!

Asymmetric glass and silver necklace made from sun-melted bottles of Skyy Vodka and Bombay Sapphire Gin, finished with recycled sterling silver

Check out ALL the jewelry designs I make from different bottles and blues in my online shop:

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