Sometimes, Less is More: Eco Friendly Jewelry

Sometimes, Less is More: Eco Friendly Jewelry

by Tawny Reynolds on May 11, 2016

Eco Friendly Jewelry made from recycled bottles and recycled silver - Sometimes Less is More_by Sundrop Jewelry
It's been a while since I talked about Sundrop Jewelry's mission statement, and why I design eco friendly jewelry.  I know, the phrase "mission statement" sounds so corporate-feel-good-talk-while-really-maximizing-profits.  But I really do believe in the idea that less is more.
Eco friendly jewelry - Eriantha Earrings in kelly green, made from recycled Reeds Ginger Brew bottles!

The core value behind Sundrop Jewelry is living lightly on the Earth.

Sundrop Jewelry is just one example of the amazing things that can be done with less...
  • less trash from the glass bottles we melt down & repurpose,
  • less toxic waste spewed into the environment by mining virgin silver ore,
  • less deforestation and wastewater used for making paper,
  • and less emissions from the electricity we avoid using.

Best of all, all that 'less' somehow adds up to 'more'...
  • more forests and wilderness,
  • more clean air and water,
  • more beauty in the world...

And it makes a great story when someone asks, "Where did you get those earrings?!"

The times, they are a-changing

Through the years, I've dived deep into the environmental impact of Sundrop Jewelry. From the devastating effects of mining to the emergence of recycled and Argentium sterling silver.  Starting from jewelry cards and packaging with no recycled content at all to 100% recycled (and recyclable).  I've always used some recycled glass bottles, but over time I've found more and more bottle colors - and many of them are among the most popular colors I make!

Sundrop Jewelry has been in business for 11 years, and we've seen a lot of improvement in that time.  What once was unobtainable (recycled silver, recycled packaging, soy-based inks, and more) is now available.  And it all is integral to making Sundrop Jewelry - and to running an eco friendly jewelry business.

Thanks for joining me on the ride!
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