Sundrops Interview on Celebrate Green Blog

by Tawny Reynolds on Aug 09, 2011

 Melting glass dropsusing a giant magnifying glass

Steffany making Sundrops


Lynn at the Celebrate Green blog just posted a great “Three Question Interview” with us!

From the interview:
“It isn’t often that you run into someone who has either invented or brought to light, a very different process for making something. That’s why we were excited when we first read about Sundrop Jewelry. This company offers gorgeous earrings, necklaces and wine glass charms, made from recycled glass. Maybe not so unusual.

But they do it by the melting old bottles and stained glass using a giant lens that focuses heat from the sun’s rays. Now that’s unique!”
Go check out our answers to the following questions:

1. As you explain on your website,“I melt glass into Sundrops in my NE Minneapolis backyard, using a three foot tall magnifying glass (technically a fresnel lens) to focus sunlight, which can produce a ‘hot spot’reaching 3,000 degrees!” How did you get the idea to do such a thing?

2. Why is it important to you to use recycled materials in your work?

3. In what other ways do you incorporate sustainability in your business?
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