Sundrop Jewelry News

Carbon footprint of our glass (glass and shipping)
February 27 2007

Last week I talked about the impact of the glass industry in general. Today I'm going to get a little more specific. Bullseye Glass Some of our glass comes from recycled bottles, but most of it comes from the Bullseye Glass Company in Portland, Oregon. Bullseye Glass being made - from their website I emailed Bullseye about their energy usage and was pleased to find that not only were they super helpful, they were a few steps ahead of us in figuring out how to reduce their own carbon footprint and impact on the environment. The chemicals to color the...

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Glass and energy
February 20 2007

What is a pair of sundrops made of ? Well, a scientific scale and some quick calculations tell me that a pair of sundrop earrings weighs about 3.6 grams. Of that, 22% is glass (the sundrops), 15% is silver (wire wrapping and ear hooks), 4% is plastic (ear nuts), and 59% is paper (display cards). I never realized it was quite that much paper! But I'll have to get back to that later. Today, I'm going to talk a bit about glass. 22% glass, 15% silver,4% plastic, 59% paper We work mostly with colored sheet glass we buy from the...

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Digging into the environmental impact of an eco friendly jewelry company
February 14 2007

Sundrop Jewelry is an environmentally friendly, sustainable jewelry business, because we use solar energy to melt all our glass. Or so we like to think, anyway. But is that really true? We definitely do use solar energy to make all our beads, via a very cool giant magnifying glass. But what is the real environmental footprint of our jewelry? Sitting down to think about this, I realized that I know just about nothing about most of what goes into making a Sundrop. What is the impact of manufacturing the different raw materials? What are the costs of getting them here?...

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